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Write for Us

At Glass Mirror Decor, we always encourage new writers with the ability to express themselves. With our platform, you can gain recognition and head in the right direction of becoming an influential writer in the many diverse fields.

Contribute to Glass Mirror Decor and Benefit from Results

Glass Mirror Decor is a professional blog service available for new writers to explore. You are always on the lookout for blogs, articles and content pieces written with good capability improving your portfolio. Professional guest bloggers are welcomed at Glass Mirror Decor, you can email us on info@glassmirrordecor.com for further details.

Content Submission Guidelines

At Glass Mirror Decor, we are professionals looking for professional grade content. If you think you have what it takes to become a part of our great team, here’s what you need to know to submit your blogs, articles or contents with us:

  1. Content Subjects – We are currently accepting content from subjects including Home Décor, Living Room and Bathroom Décor, Mirrors, Glass Boards, Glass Décor, Glass Shelves, Glass Tables, Architectural Glass and many other glass and mirror subjects.
  2. Blog Post Length – Upon submitting your articles and blogs, make sure to have a word count of at least 700 words. There is no upper limit.
  3. Informative Content – The content that we accept needs to be informative and written in any easy to understand way.
  4. Original Content – Every content we receive has to be completely new and original. There is no tolerance for copied or spin content at all.
  5. Content Styling – Glass Mirror Decor values growth for our platform and your content as well. Attractive content filled with images (that are copy write approved or with full permission from their owner), headings and bullet points is required.
  6. Content Promotion – You will also need to promote the posted content on your own social media channels.
  7. Relevant Links – We allow for links on the content but they should be done on relevant words and should point to relevant websites as well.

We also highly appreciate DIY Projects, Architect and Interior Designing Projects, Infographics, Videos and any other form of informative content on our platform.