5 Old School Glass Shower Door Designs that Look Good with Modern Designs


Glass shower doors provide numerous benefits to homeowners because they not only look elegant but also are pretty easy to maintain and clean without enormous hassle. Owners never need to buy or replace vinyl liners. In the old days, people often did not use glass enclosures or doors in the shower rooms. As an interesting fact, shower doors and enclosures were not even invented before the advent of the 20th century; near 1950s, transparent type of shower doors were first introduced in buildings which have evolved in the modern day shower doors. Let us explore some cool old school glass shower door designs that still look awesome with the modern glass door designs.

Why Old Shower Doors are Still Popular

No one can deny the power of old things and furniture; when it comes to old school shower doors and historical enclosure designs, the biggest benefit to homeowners was the durable material used in the manufacturing of such doors. As standard home window glass does not perform well in a shower enclosure, a shower door needs something that does not shatters too easily and also face the hot water on it. In 1903, French scientists were able to invent safety glass used in the shower doors later which used a combination of cellulose nitrate and glass. The safety of glass products still depends on the formula invented to be used in the old school shower doors.

Early Glass Shower Doors

In 1910, scientists were also successful in designing a formula for creating strong and powerful tempered glass. In Austria, scientists discovered a formula to enhance the durability of glass by combining polyvinyl butyric with two glass coatings. In 1963, a company in the United States, Ohio was the first one to produce the shower doors which contained transparent walls. Sliding shower doors and swinging doors became popular rapidly since then and they also benefitted owners to prevent slippery and simplified floor cleaning.

  1. Frameless Old Shower Door

Frameless shower door was introduced in the 1970s for the first time. A lack of metal and rubber makes them more visually appealing. Frameless doors also facilitated easy cleaning of shower doors and don’t provide spots where dirt can accumulate. For more than four decades, frameless shower doors have been used by millions of building owners that still look good with the new shower doors.

  • Hinged Door

A hinged door was also much popular in the 20th century and still loved by millions. It contains a glass panel that opens by swinging the door in one direction with the help of hinges. It behaves like a physical passage door in your sweet home and the type of glass door is significantly common in the old and modern days.

  • Pivot Door

A pivot shower door is a swinging glass door that allows door to be opened in either direction. The ability of pivot doors to swing to 180 degree has attracted millions of home owners in the old days as well as in the present.

  • Bath Screen Door

Since bath screen glass enclosures contain several panels, scientists claimed that glass panels folded in the hinges can provide better protection and safety to shower enclosures. They can make the room space efficient also.

  • Steam Doors

A steam door was invented to be a steam tight unit where steam can stay from ceiling t floor. The glass panels were also as long as floor to ceiling, which I shy steam shower doors are still most popular due to their air-tight steam capturing ability.