How Tempered Glass has revolutionized the Home Décor and Designing

Both homes and business places significantly use a wide variety of tempered glass to enhance the element of décor; while we know that tempered glass has many benefits, many people are unsure of how and why tempered glass has revolutionized the home décor in the past few decades. Before we explore the outstanding benefits of tempered glass that makes it a clear and obvious choice for the residential as well as commercial owners, let us shed some light on the structure and features of tempered glass to get a better idea of what it is.

What is Tempered Glass and why it is Different from Ordinary Glass?

Since glass manufacturing process needs a combination of various elements such as lime, soda ash, and sand, glass manufacturers operate a process of heating at the extreme temperatures until the glass melts down. The mixture then goes through an extensive proves of pressing and blowing to become a glass we know. The glass also goes through a process of cooling; this process often distinguishes an ordinary glass from the tempered glass.

In a standard glass manufacturing, the annealing process is speedier than in tempered glass; the greatest characteristic of standard glass is that it can be reworked. However, the most important disadvantage of standard glass is that they are extremely fragile. On the other hand, tempered glass has a great reputation in the industry to provide an added value and safety for the home owners. It is widely used in commercial buildings, gadgets, cars, and screens. The annealing process allows tempered glass to cool down at a natural speed.

Tempered Glass Increases Safety for Home Owners

It is always a wise decision to use tempered glass for home needs and décor without compromising the security and safety of home. Although tempered glass is a bit expensive as compared to the ordinary glass, it offers many more benefits to revolutionize the home décor. Tempered glass is stronger, which is why it resists breakages and always breaks into pebble like pieces that pose no harm on the human skin or wellbeing. Choose tempered glass to avoid serious injuries to your kids and family members.

Tempered Glass is Damage Resistant

Tempered glass is an ideal choice for homeowners who need elegant doors and windows. It helps to create beautiful partitions and is more scratch resistant as compared to standard glass. Tempered glass is not prone to everyday wear and tear, which is why using it for glass doors and home décor can provide a flawless match for your windows and doors.

Heat Resistant Features

Tempered glass does not behave like standard glass when it is exposed to heat; therefore, it does not shatter because it goes through a unique process that allows it to withstand higher temperatures. Bathrooms and toilet windows are often exposed to heat and hot water, which is why tempered glass not only enhances the home décor but also withstand higher temperatures in the bathrooms.

Versatility of Design

Homeowners can use the tempered glass in a variety of applications in a unique creative way. Due t oats strength and elegance, tempered glass is suitable for frameless shower doors and many other structures that involve frameless glass. Therefore, experts recommend using tempered glass in commercial doors and partitions to add an innovative style for both commercial and residential spaces.

Lovely Pattern Options for Homeowners

A range of designs and patterns are available for homeowners to choose the tempered glass for their home décor needs and implement a unique style or taste to attract the guests. Tempered glass is available in patterned, clear, colored, frosted, and engraved designs to revolutionize your home décor and help your home to look more creative.