How to Redesign Your Bathroom in No More than 2 Color Schemes

Room or bathroom colors depend on personal choices of homeowners; a myriad of things play a vital role in finding the perfect mix of light and a color pattern to avoid frustration in the bathroom. Particularly for the small bathrooms, colors play a key role. When you are on your way to pick a color scheme for yoru bathroom, colors scheme with no more than two colors can serve as an inspiration for people who can admire your bathroom due to simplicity of colors and aesthetics. These bathroom color ideas will help you develop contrast and choose overall colors that match your style.

Find Inspiration by Looking at Other Rooms

First, get some inspiration by looking at other rooms and find color combos that are more appealing to you. You can review fabric, wallpapers, and paint chips to find common color themes. Sasha Emerson, an experienced Los Angeles interior designer says that she always starts her bathroom planning with finding inspiration from other rooms, therefore, she emphasizes introducing pattern with accessories.

How to Introduce Pattern with Accessories

In a small bathroom, accessories can become an effective element to supply complementary color scheme or pattern. If your bathroom does not look really great, use contrasting colors to help the windows stand out. Try to blend  the bathroom curtains with the walls because anyone who enters the bathroom always think of the wall colors and create an impression about bathroom.

Play with Samples

Even if you are done with choosing the color scheme for your dream bathroom, it is still worth it to play around with the samples and hues. Try different types of samples on the bathroom walls and place them one after another three feet away from each other. Avoid blending many colors together and use on two colors to suit your bathroom color scheme; allow yourself to use a varity of color smaples and try them all on your walls until you are satisfied with a perfect color scheme.

Choose Your Mood

You should look at your bathroom as an inspired place that is lively abd bright. Different tones and color schemes can create a different feeling and sensation in the bathroom; the case in point is that a butterfly yellow will look much softer than a red or blue tone. You must think wisely what colors will look brighter and charming in your small bathroom by considering the alignment and placement of lights. Also consider dark spaces and a range of choices in the full color spectrum.

Maintain a continuity in Colors

In a small bathroom, often walls are the dormant color features. So don’t worry about introducing too many colors with several color schemes, stick to no more than two color schemes in a small bathroom to keep it simple and nice. The experts reveal that you should keep the walls the same color as your primary furntire. You can also match the wall colors with a stool or chair in the bathroom or even sink or cabinets. Using two colors will definitely make the room look more nice and increase its size.

Bathroom Lighting

Play with the Light

When you go shopping for the color paints, always ask the paint store keeper to provide you color options with good light reflectance value LRV. The rule of thumb is that a higher LRV will help the light bounce more easily around the room. Therefore, the consultants recommend using color schemes with high LRV so that the more colors will absorb light, more splendid your bathroom will look.