Why and Where You Need Mirrors in Your Bathrooms for a Tempting Redesign

The finishing touch for every bathroom is a perfect mirror that enhances the aesthetics as well as value of your dream bathroom. In 2019, spring is the perfect time to redecorate your bathroom with fresh mirror ideas that will serve as good news for your guests and family members. The good news is that there is a mirror for every bathroom style and spaces that can make it look more elegant than a traditional bathroom. When you implement the following bathroom mirror ideas, you will surely be able to add some more space to your small bathroom and also increase sparkle and shine.

Using Double Mirrors

A double vanity calls for two mirrors in the bathroom; therefore, you can hang the two bathroom mirrors at different places such as one right above each sink to add symmetry to your space. You can also hang two mirrors in the bathroom over a single large sink to increase the impact of your walls.

Mirrored Wall

Some office owners get overwhelmed by different sizes and shapes of mirrors, if you don’t have a clear idea of what type of mirror would suit your office walls, you could skip the complex decisions and use mirror on the entire wall. As a result, your small bathroom would look just perfect and bigger with a large wall covered with mirror.

Use Round Mirrors

Homeowners often use round mirrors in the bedroom or dining room to enhance the beauty of the room; however, a round mirror is just the perfect choice for your small bathroom that can soften and sharpen the angles in contemporary spaces. Always use a modern hanging style by choosing a round mirror for bathroom. Using a modern frame with a round bathroom mirror will make it more eye-catching.

Gilded Mirrors

A gilded frame is always a wise choice when you wish to enhance the elegance and sparkle of your bathroom mirrors. Just highlight the silvery sparkle of your bathroom mirrors using a gilded frame and let the magic begin. The gold will not only add warmth but will also increase the elegance of your ordinary bathroom.

Sculptural Mirrors

By choosing a sculptural frame for the bathroom mirror or by choosing an unusual shape, you can make mirror a focal point of your dream bathroom. The eye catching piece will make a statement for your entire bathroom and will provide a great solution in the tiny and humid bathroom.

Antique Mirrors in Bathroom

Don’t confuse mirrors with furniture that deteriorate with age or time, in fact, antique mirrors look even better with age. Instead of getting a fresh mirror piece from the factory, you can get a lovely antique mirror and use a vintage old style mirror in your bathroom that not only speaks about a particular culture or history but also adds a lot of charm to your bathroom. With a few imperfections, an antique mirror can help to create a stunning impact in a small bathroom.

Using Colorful Mirrors

Since mirrors are transparent and colorless items, however, you can use colorful mirror frames to add some more colors to5 an otherwise neutral bathroom. The people can play with the vibrant shades and enjoy their relaxation in the bathroom; for contemporary bathrooms, you need to get a mirror that is framed and colorfully decorated to create a significant impact.

Mix-and-Match Mirror

When it comes to mirror, you are not limited to using one style or shape. Try mixing and matching various types of mirrors in the bathroom above a single or double vanity to add personality to the place.