5 Advantages of Having Crackled Glass Doors in Homes

What is Crackled Glass?

Crackle glass is also called “craquelle” or “ice glass” due to its certain characteristics. It is a type of glassware which boasts a crackled surface and was invented in Venice in the 16th century. The crackled glass is manufactured with a fine process by submerging the hot glass in the cold water and then its surfaces are made smooth by reheating the glass. The technique is used for many centuries to achieve perfection, which is why crackling effects neither color nor form. Therefore, crackled glass is not a glass type; it is rather a process that makes the glass very popular.

History and Producing Companies

Crackled glass became immensely popular in the United States during the 1930s and remained popular till the late 1970s, Hundreds of manufactures created crackled glass including West Virginia being the most popular spot; Pennsylvania and Ohio were also the centers for crackled glass production. Nowadays, many more companies manufacture crackle glass in the United States including Blanco, Kanawha, and Pilgrim. However, the only company that is still manufacturing the crackle glass continuously is Blanco, Pilgrim stopped manufacturing in 2002.

Benefits of Crackled Glass

The crackling process involves the production of vast number of forms and glasses. Let us explore how it is the coolest option for your home and tableware.

  1. Varieties of Forms and Shapes

It comes in a variety of forms such as jugs, pitchers, perfume bottles, and cups. Ice-cream sets are mostly produced with crackled glass. Therefore, it is the best option for your table ware. Blanco Company used to plant their name on the bottom of the glass that is still a collectable item in the US. These are still the highly sought after items. It is made in the shape of fish or a fruit.

  • Crackled Glass is Rare

Crackled glass is not only the most beautiful option for tableware, but it is also a rare commodity that is extremely precious for the glass collectors. Items of crackled glass are molded into various shapes of fruits and vegetables; colors also play a vital role to determine the value of glass item.

  • Available in Lovely Colors

Some colors are more expensive to manufacture such as cambering, cobalt, ruby red, and tangerine. These colors are less purchased by the customers in the market today as compared to old times. Moreover, other colors such as smoke also had a very short production time and are the most popular color to buy these days. The beauty is that textured films reflect light and create sparkle. Therefore, the flexible films used in the manufacturing process are a perfect solution for specialty windows that are difficult to cover.

  • Add more Elegance to Buildings

You can us crackled glass and add more elegance to your buildings at the price of designer glass. The benefit of crackled glass is a rich and welcoming finish that adds value and dimension to your buildings. It also adds more privacy to the buildings and covers the windows completely. It is known for reelecting light efficiently in the room and stimulates any texture.

  • Blocks Ultra-Violet Rays

Sun’s ultraviolet rays are most dangerous for the eyes when you are sitting near the window. Using crackled glass in the house or building solves this problem. The glass acts as a protective shield against the harmful ultraviolet UV sun rays and saves your vision. They are installed professionally by a network of professional dealers in the US. Therefore, before choosing a glass type for your home, consult the dealers of crackled glass to make your home more durable and elegant.