Safe and Handy Hacks to Use Glass Table for Kid’s Room

As kids grow, so too should the decor of their room. Keeping up with their changing development stages typically means replacing infant cribs with full-size beds, toy bins with study desks, and nursery items with bedside tables. And, as the children age, so too does options for their bedroom furnishings. New styles, colors, and themes, can be used to express a child’s personality in ways they choose. In addition to new colors, new materials, -like glass tables, can be incorporated in the rooms of school-age kids. While not always being the right choice for the infant-to-preschool-crowd, glass is a strong, durable option that can be safely used for the more mature ages. Glass surfaces have trendy options that can reflect a child’s changing tastes and style. It’s also surprisingly affordable when comparing glass to other popular furniture materials. Safe, affordable, and trendy; best ways to replace glass display cabinets  ideas for a room are a creative choice to hack in too!

Hack 1: Young Artists Rejoice!

Do you have a budding artist in your home? One who’s looking for a way to express their creativity, and maybe, slightly rebellious side? Let them use a glass side table as their personal graffiti space! A pack of markers and their imagination is all your mini-Banksy’s will need to personalize their room. Without ruining the furniture! The smooth, non-porous surface of glass is easily cleaned with common, non-toxic, glass cleaner. An added bonus? When your artist has a change of inspiration, they can easily wipe it off and start again or  increase Kitchen functionality using display cabinets.

Hack 2: Clutter Control

Clutter and kids just seem to go hand-in-hand; much like dirt and clean floors. Kids seem to be able to mysteriously grow tiny, sharp-edged, plastic toys that end up littering their nightstands and dressers. Glass tables in a child’s room can help keep that clutter in check by maintaining good visibility throughout the room. When using furniture that is transparent, little plastic puppies and painted toy cars can’t get lost behind bulky, heavy furniture. So, enter another opportunity: if kids can see where all their tiny treasures are they will be able to clean them! Incorporating room décor with glass tablesin kids’ roomscan be a great gateway to improving their cleaning skills.

Hack 3: Building Block Table

Room décor with tables is a fun way to add personal charm and functionality to any room. With glass tables, versatility is an expected benefit. Do you have a Lego-obsessed explorer in your home? A great way to display their hard-earned creations is with a glass coffee table. The low height will work great with your small statured engineers, and space underneath can be easily used for storing their extra pieces. And, when you have a defined display and storage space for the colorful building blocks, there are fewer chances you’ll find one under your foot! 

Hack 4: Bugs Be Gone

Bed Bugs have made a resurgence as household pests in North American homes over the past decade. The crafty critters have adapted well; they’ve become resistant to many pesticides. New measures of treatment are needed to fight off the night time nuisance’s, and one clever way is to take away traditional hiding places: bulky, wood furniture. This is where the use of glass tables in your kid’s room can provide peace of mind, if bed bugs are a concern in your home. Bed Bugs are masters at hide-and-seek and will seek out the tiniest of spaces to set up shop in. Glass tables as part of bedroom decor will keep you on step ahead of the bed bug’s games.

Hack 5: Serious Study Sessions

There are endless glass table ideas for rooms, like creating a unique vibe by using colored glass tables in funky colors. The perfect size and easy maneuverability of the modern pieces make them an inviting way to get your kids to host a productive study session. Slide as many of the glass side tables together as needed to make cram sessions a success. If the hard-working students leave a sticky mess after the homework is done, the glass surfaces can be wiped down quickly and easily. No worries of coffee-ring stains from your students!

Hack 6: Forgiving Durability

Glass surfaces are a classic way to enhance room décor with tables because glass is an easy surface to clean. Keeping glass sparkling, free from stains, and scratches is why glass surfaces are frequently used in upscale and opulent locations. It’s low-maintenance, high-impact properties is a favored benefit of guide to install cabinets in bathroom in the personal-service industry. Why not bring that durability to your kids’ room, where furniture often is exposed to the harshest treatment? Bring in pieces that can withstand the difficult treatment brought upon them by kids; it won’t become tired looking from regular use.

Glass tables and surfaces are an excellent option when considering new pieces for your kids’ room. Glass used in the furniture industry must meet strength standard specific for the glass’ intended use. What that means is the drinking glasses in your kitchen and the glass of your shower door undergo different production and curing processes, governed by a national body, to keep consumers safe. When selecting glass tables as a part of your kids’ bedroom decor, rest assured you will not be compromising on safety. You will be making a safe furniture choice with the additional benefit of durability and is low-maintenance.

Not bad for just a simple hack, right?